Talk to Paper D

If you want to talk to me here then talk away.

Talk to me here and not my most recent post. (Like I do. [Guilty laugh])

Or you can just contact me here. This page is really for stuff that’s not important, like Check this out! and not I need to email you for whatever reason. Don’t put private stuff here.

If there’s a problem, go here.


56 thoughts on “Talk to Paper D

  1. Your ‘’ should be bigger because your current WordPress theme requires bigger header images. The one you uploaded in the month of May of 2014 is 620×168 pixels, but it would look much more sharper if it were 1000×270. Please, fix that if you didn’t delete the file with which you created it. If you did delete it, I guess you’ll have to start from scratch then.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to remind myself to get around to it. I really have to post more, but the app won’t upload pictures. It’s a glitch that must be specific to me, because WP has gone through several updates without fixing it.

    • Make the page, and don’t add it to the page list under the header. The only way it can be accessed is through the search bar.

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