My creations:

Ahsoka Tano!

Boss Nass!

Poggle the Lesser!

Darth Vader!

General Grievous!

C1-10P (Chopper!)

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber!



Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver!

It looks like Foldy-John Kenobi already figured out how to fold Ahsoka! Lucky for me he didn’t post instrux. He also added her Padawan beads. Cool!

And here are some made by other Superfolders!

Webmaster Chippy’s 11th Doctor!

John’s Foldy Wan!

HyperspaceChewy’s General Grievous! And check out his Darth Maul too! I also like his Sebulba too, though he is shown walking on his feet. (A common mistake. Don’t worry, HC. We still like it!)

For some reason, Ahsoka’s design changed in princess Labelmaker so she now has a body. Here’s to Moochael with his Ahsoka instrux!

And if you have some cool stuff you want here, let me know!

These are ones I like that are made by other origami masters!

Fumiaki Kawahata’s Jedi Master Yoda!

Video (Jo Nakashima)

Videoes (Marin Michaelis)

Diagram (PedagoNet)

Diagram (Mari Michaelis)

Jeremy Shafer’s Yoda hat!

Jo Nakashima’s snake!

Ignacio Smith’s Darth Vader!

Angry Bird Chuck!

Pikachu! (You’re welcome, Kayce)


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