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The Thought Hub

I recently created a webcomic blog for my Twitter account @beepboopwhee and I finally made a blog for it. Go check it out! Anyone know how to remove the author name from posts, by the way?

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Happy May the Fourth! I feel guilty now…

…because I already figured out how to make a Sy Snootles puppet without cutting. It looks almost exactly like Tom’s that he posted on Should I post instrux? Because even though Tom’s has cuts, it’s still pretty dang awesome and I’d feel bad if mine was “better.”

It’s my birthday

I’m fifteen now, so I should probably get those two manuscripts I wrote while I was fourteen edited and published over the next year. (To you budding novelists out there— the first one almost always takes longer than the others. It took a year to write the first and two months to write the second one.) Oh, yeah, and finish the one I’m working on. Anyway, keep sending requests for the MegaDoodle, including what you want the Gallifreyan to say.