Happy May the Fourth!

Screenshot 2016-05-04 at 5.39.26 PM Screenshot 2016-05-04 at 5.39.12 PM

Naboo Starfighters by Phil Schulz and Martin Hunt. May the 4th be with you! Go check out Jabba Flow on StarWars.com, it is a stooky song!

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About SF PaperDragon

Male teen, origami folder, California-born, Star Wars nut, Minecraft player (Henkimin), Whovian, author and Aspie. Did I mention I'm a Mormon? Also go by PaperDragon or Paper D. But never, ever call me P Dragon!

19 thoughts on “Happy May the Fourth!

  1. In which country are you planning to serve? (I hope you don’t mind me asking.) I was watching some videos on YouTube of people after they returned (link in my name), and they told really interesting stories. I’m serious. ☺️

    • And since ‘the Lord’ doesn’t speak to mortals, you all just choose a country in your mind and say ‘God’ ‘called’ you there, am I right? Just don’t choose some poor third world country if you want to enjoy your servitude at least the slightest bit.

    • Okay, that is extremely rude and not true. The Lord speaks through the Holy Ghost to individuals, and to the prophets he speaks directly. The prophet consider this prayerfully. The Lord knows my abilities. And please change your URL.

    • If God spoke to people (whether through the Holy Spirit or not), there would be many more religious people. If God spoke to me, and I knew I wasn’t having hallucinations, I’d believe in him too. If he does this deliberately, that’s mean and a foolish way to test one’s faith. It isn’t right of him to expect people to believe in him without any proof. Why would anyone automatically think that a sky man paying The Sims is real? It’s just a way to easily accept as little people as possible to Heavens.
      And worry not, I change my URLs frequently; that time S***n was the first thing I thought of.

    • Sometimes people don’t recognize or don’t want to recognize the voice of the Spirit. Perhaps He has spoken to you and you haven’t listened, or perhaps you did but attributed it to your own thoughts. The wicked ask for a sign, but God gives signs already. This life is a test; therefore faith is required before assurance. Faith is like wood, and the knowledge from it is like fire; you cannot expect to know of God if you don’t already believe. It’s not automatic; it is a deliberate, willing process of patience and growth. And God is not playing The Sims with us. He gave us free will as part of the test. He wants us to show Him what we will do with His gifts. I assume you are familiar with the parable of the Talents? That parable is meant to explain our purpose on Earth.

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