Alexander’s Jedi Starfighter and Self-designed Gunship



And here’s my Republic Gunship. I don’t like how the top is open when the back should be open instead, so the base is wider. Folded from a frog base.

Merry Christmas!

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Male teen, origami folder, California-born, Star Wars nut, Minecraft player (Henkimin), Whovian, author and Aspie. Did I mention I'm a Mormon? Also go by PaperDragon or Paper D. But never, ever call me P Dragon!

5 thoughts on “Alexander’s Jedi Starfighter and Self-designed Gunship

  1. I hope you had a pleasant Christmas. 🎅🏻🎄 May the year MMXVI be better than MMXV was.
    Have you decided whom will you vote for in 2016 Presidential Elections? I like Donald Trump, because he is against migrations, but I also admire Hillary Clinton because she looks so classy… It’s a tough choice if you ask me. ❄️❄️❄️ (I guess San José doesn’t get any snow, ever; I would be devastated, although we haven’t had snow yet here in Graz either.) 😢

    • Trump ois a buffoon and an extremist and Hillary is a lying crook who has no qualifications except her gender, which doesn’t actually matter, so it’s not a qualification. I want Carson to win because he’s a strong Christian who will be a good president at least in the moral sernse of the word.
      Also, San Jose is an hour or so away from me. I don’t live there.

    • I wish you a happy New Year 2016! Best of luck in school (you are still in school, right?) and with everything in your life. 🎉🎀🎆🎇
      I’m glad you’re not located in San José; I hope you reside somewhat norther. Enjoy the last few days of this year!
      (I just hope that the future American president, whoever may he/she be, will reduce the crime in the country and drive the politics of isolationism.)

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