General Grievous!

Dis sloppy paperfolden isa General Grievous. Dis bombad model was berry difficult maken. Itsa usen da eighta-flappen bird basen, except my no blintzen.


Disa model haven de legs, de arms, de everything, but asa all’n yous can see, itsa no easy to make it. My folden all sloppy. Daresa nutsen noomba of folden, so itsa thicken. My no posten instruxens.

Also, mesa speaken Goonga for no reason. Seelongabye! All’n yous in da Youessay be haven a happy Tanksgiven, okeyday?

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About SF PaperDragon

Male teen, origami folder, California-born, Star Wars nut, Minecraft player (Henkimin), Whovian, author and Aspie. Did I mention I'm a Mormon? Also go by PaperDragon or Paper D. But never, ever call me P Dragon!

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