Angry Bird!

DSCN3343 DSCN3342

Got it from here:


6 thoughts on “Angry Bird!

  1. Do you understand the Russian language and can read the Cyrillic alphabet?
    b>Оригами “Angry Birds”. Поделки из бумаги.
    Замечательные птички “Angry Birds” из бумаги! Поделки из бумаги для детей и взрослых. Делаем вместе “Angry Birds” и не забываем подписываться на канал! 😉 Всем отличного настроения! 😉

    Origami “Angry Birds”. Podjelki iz bumagi.
    Zamječatel’nyje ptički “Angry Birds” iz bumagi! Podjelki iz bumagi dlja djetjej i vzroslyh. Djelajem vmjeste “Angry Birds” i nje zabyvajem podpisyvat’sja na kanal! 😉 Vsem otičnogo nastrojenija! 😉

    • Zdrastvwetsye! I can transliterate Cyrillic and my parents speak Russian (they served an LDS mission there) and I am studying it for my two years of foreign language required to pass high school. I am not fluent yet, but I can recognize a few words and pronounce any word, though the emphasis isn’t always on the right syllable.

  2. Hey paperdragon, it’s me rop. been a while since oy,eh? Anyways, reemember creationsciencestudy guy? Well, let’s just say “3-13 Shots fired” cause he made a reference to you. He called you satan’s plaything

    • He’s called me that before. I wish he was more creative. He told an atheist that Satan would crucify him to a flaming cross. I mean, that’s clever. But me, I’m supposed to be defined by my supposed hatred of women. Seriously, the only reason he thinks I hate women is because I’m Mormon.

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