Kylogami Ren


Instrux by Tom Angleberger here

I also have my own way of folding his lightsaber which makes the handle grey and the blades red. I really need bicolored paper to demonstrate this kind of stuff…


The back


Unfold the first pleat


Unfold the second pleat


Flipped side


The pleats


The saber

Hopefully that gives you some insight as to how to fold it.


5 thoughts on “Kylogami Ren

    • He meant all origami ever possible.
      I want five score of these made for my birthday in August. How much do you charge (in €) and how shall we do the funds transaction?

    • You MUST be joking! 😱 You don’t know that is the euro sign?! 💶 :facepalm: I shall refrain form further negative comments, but… just inexcusable. 🇪🇺 (You could at least Google it before saying anything, in order not to appear unknowledgeable.) At today’s exchange rate: $1.00 = €0.89.
      Anyway, money is not the problem; as along as the amount is not a 4-digit figure, we’re okay.

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