Countering creationsciencestudy, part III

Dear friends,


Did you know that George Lucas is at it again with his Satanic movie series called Star Wars?

George is DONE with Star Wars. I’m sick of telling you.

Recently, Lucas and Disney have been promoting images of a villain named Kylo Ren who wields a lightsaber that looks like an upside down cross.

You mean a sword?

Also, pay attention to the word villain. It will be important later.

This is an ungodly offense to Christians all around the world. Heck, this villain looks like somebody from the Four Horsemen mentioned in the Book of Revelations if I haven’t seen them.

I assume he’s referring to this painting.

If the image doesn’t work, click here to see it.

Look at the image and see how the sword was made to offend Christians.


Yeah, I’m looking. I didn’t see the cross until you brought it up. Not that it doesn’t resemble one, but that’s clearly not what it’s supposed to be. And if it is and we don’t know, then HOW are we supposed to obtain a Christ-mocking message from it?

The villain is unmasked and next to stormtroopers resembling the KKK!

Disney and George Lucas need to repent for the marketing of this abomination. It is time for us Christians to take back Hollywood and the cinemas for Christ. We also need to protect our children from this Illuminati filth since this movie will be used for brainwashing our children to follow the Secular Media. It’s time to chop down the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits once and for all!

Illuminati. Conspiracy theorist much? At least you didn’t call him a Mormon. You try and tie us into everything. CSS: Movie about space? MORMONS!

Sane people: But the director is Jewish…

Martin Baker

*A VILLAIN is supposed to show what one must NOT do. Therefore, if a villain murders, he teaches us NOT TO MURDER. If he mocks the Lord, he teaches us NOT TO MOCK TO LORD. Therefore, if you were right about the KKK stuff and the cross-shaped sword, they would be FINE! GOOD EVEN! Because of the above reasons! That is why Steven Spielberg made the stormtroopers in the original trilogy look like Nazis– because they were the VILLAINS!


SF PaperDragon

If I know these guys, they will put up no defense whatsoever and expect “you’re wrong” or the like to be a perfectly acceptable answer.


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