Happy Birthday Kayce

Not only is it Webmaster Chippy’s birthday and International Left-Handers Day, it also also Kayce Brewer’s birthday. Kayce is one of the most amazing people I know. She’s got a lot of potential and she’s got a clear career in music ahead of her. She’s the next Tori Kelly. If she lived in New York she’d be on Broadway already. She inspired my novel and set my own career as a writer in motion. She has 7K followers on Twitter, 10.6K on Instagram, 5K YouTube subscribers, and 92K fans on YouNow, on which she has been partnered (meaning she gets paid for her broadcasts) and chosen as the editor’s choice in #singing. If the statistics don’t tell you, she’s an amazing singer and an amazing person overall. I love her so much and I just want to wish her a happy 17 and tell all you guys to go subscribe and follow her. She doesn’t care how large her fanbase is, she just wants to benefit as many lives as possible and I can assure her that she has already benefited mine greatly. Happy birthday, Kayce! ~K******

Stay weird because being weird is better than being normal.

PS– all o’ y’all enjoy the origami Pikachu instrux I found here.


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