Aqualish Puppet

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Posting before I go on vacation… not that you guys’ll notice 😆

When I get back I will post sonic screwdriver instrux for oy30. Give or take a week. They’ll either be here by Tuesday or August. This isn’t my flat one (which I forgot how to fold and isn’t that good in my opinion) but my 3D one which isn’t as detailed but has all four claw thingies. And you can wave it around from any angle since it’s 3D. Hint: it’s from a frog base. Have fun trying to figure it out before I post the (ridiculously easy) instrux.


8 thoughts on “Aqualish Puppet

  1. Hope you have enjoyed your vacation! May I ask where you were?
    I went to beautiful İstanbul in May (there’s not so hot at that time yet), and it was absolutely amazing! The 1500 km long drive was a bit tiresome, but totally worth it. I even stepped on the Asian ground for the first time in my life; the ride with the underwater metro was pleasant and not at all scary. People are very nice, too. I am still fascinated over the fact that calls for prayer from the mosques can be heard anywhere in this city of fifteen million.
    Next, I went to Bruneck in South Tirol last week for some shopping, and this XIII century town is a true gem if you ask me. A typical mediæval Alpine town. It is a cosmopolitan centre for the wealthy of the Italian part of this princely county. Beautiful!

    (I dare say that CreationScienceStudy℠ is finally dead. Satan is torturing it as we speak …) 😉

    • I will miss those two.
      I went to Lake Shastina, then I went to a Christian mock legislation camp called City on the Hill at William Jessup University. I was assigned to the left-wing party, so I proposed an independent bill (we were assigned actual bills from the California Assembly and Senate; independent bills were ones we created ourselves. I was the only one to do so.) I combined equality with environmentalism and passed a bill on civil rights for trees. It was so funny, even the opposing party voted.

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