Hairfolding Technique— The Doctor!


Sorry if it’s not as good as Origami Me… the picture or the model.

Speaking of Ten, who are you going to be for Halloween? I was Origami Yoda last year.

This year I’m going to be the Tenth Doctor. I need a wig because I do not look like David Tennant at all. 😛

But everything else is good to go, I even have a sonic screwdriver.


Edit: I’m going as the Ninth Doctor. Costume: check. Dark hair: not check. Accent: Working on it. Screwdriver: Working on it, durability issues.




5 thoughts on “Hairfolding Technique— The Doctor!

  1. I’m going as Eleven. I ordered a sonic screwdriver, bowtie and fez from Amazon, I have the rest of the costume, I just need a tweed. Oh, and I have the coolest/dorkiest Matt Smith accent ever!

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