Origami Dalek (no instrux this time, but soon!)

If you happened to see the post where you got Rickrolled by Max Rebo, and highlighted the post, you would know that there actually was an origami Dalek on the way. Here it is, I mean, here they are.


This Dalek is pretty tricky. Note that it has a crack down its… “face”.

Eventually I developed another model on the same principle, but with a different base. I will be posting instrux for this one.


Unfortunately the model does not stand up. However, it has a rather difficult sink fold instead of a crack, which looks much better.

Keep working on the Bunko guys! I’m moving this weekend so I’ll probably be on Corbacraft then. I have not been voting as often as I should, so I am not as rich as I had planned to be when I swore off Minecraft for a month. I’ll try to pay anyway. You guys deserve it.

This week is the one year anniversary of

PaperDragon Folding


One thought on “Origami Dalek (no instrux this time, but soon!)

  1. Congrats on 1 year dude! My 1 year is Dec. 3rd. Bunko work has halted when I’m not on for the most part. I built my own little room in the staff quarters. The board has to be fixed still though. As well as the hallways. EXTERMINATE

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