tom angleberger meme

This is going to be a long post.

So I drove for hours and hours and hours. Not literally, of course. I’m  fourteen.

After the long boring drive we arrived at Barnes and Noble an hour early FTW.

So we ordered smoothies from the Starbucks and I promptly bought Pickletine (and Princess Labelmaker) FTW and plopped down in the front row to read Pickletine. I looked up every five minutes to see if Tom walked through the door. He actually came in while my nose was buried in Pickletine. 🙂 So he’s all like Hi and the kids show him their origami and I gave him this (you may remember it, here’s the pic, cropped because there are two Yodas in it)


So he starts by drawing a pair of eyes and a nose. He asks us (there were like four people) who it is.

It’s Dwight. He asks if I’m a Superfolder and the conversation goes something like this.

Me: I’ll give you three guesses. (To guess my name.)

Tom: Oh no! Alright, give me a hint.

Me: Let’s see… I’ve been a Superfolder for over six months now… Ok, how about this: the week of your birthday was when I got my account.

Tom is trying to think here. Finally (after about five seconds) he’s like, “Ok, who is it?”

PaperDragon Folding

So then he tells everyone about SF PaperDragon and how I keep the site interesting and I’ve been a Superfolder for a long time (Is this the same PaperDragon? That sounds too awesome to be me!)

So I win the doodle and I get to take it home, but he’s not done yet. He’s like, “Who knows what Dwight has on his finger?” Some kid named Larry’s like, “Origami Yoda!” and Tom asks us a bunch of stuff like how does OY know so much. Answer: the Force of course! So he draws some stink Force lines and basically it goes on like that with him asking questions and adding stuff and here’s the final result FTW:


It was total rockets! So he did that three more times with Fake Mustache and Soapy the Monkey and then he signed ALL of my books FTW.

sign all the books


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But before that we folded Yodas.

He also let me have one of the mega doodles. Look familiar?


After that I left and we went to In ‘N’ Out. We eat and we’re walking out when guess who shows up FTW?

He asked what he he should get. (Can you believe he’s never been to In ‘n’ Out before? That’s crazy!) He also gave me this ORIGINAL DOODLE from the Fortune Wookiee FTW.



And I also gave him the link to my novel so he can see it. After we got back on the road, I came to the part where Kellen draws instructions to make a Gammorrean out of a ketchup cup.

I have a lot more to say about Pickletine than Zod (“I read it. ‘Twas good. The end.” —Enderman Zod) and I will be giving a book review and post a series of Pickletine stuff.

The ride home was pretty boring after I finished Pickletine. We got home super late.

I have the best grandma ever FTW thanks Grammy!

(Firk: I hope you don’t mind me using FTW… 🙂 )

Anyway best trip ever Tom is total rockets!


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