Tom’s “Sloppy” C-3PO!

A complicated squash fold does not make sloppy origami.

Tom says this one is sloppy and uses cheap tricks.

Sloppy C-3PO, looks awesome, uses cheap tricks apparently

Yeaaaaaaah… guess what. I folded one that looks exactly the same. (Ok, it’s not exactly the same, but that’s just the one I took a picture of. I messed up on that one.) And guess what? No cheap tricks. No sloppy stuff. Just a bunch of pleats and squash folds. The back can turn out messy, but avoidably so. If you don’t want it messy, just don’t make messy squash folds. It can be tricky, but not after you get the hang of it.

Anyway, here’s mine.


Yeah, the head looks different. Don’t nitpick, I could and have made the head look like the other one.


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