State of the Bunko

I had hoped to make upgrades, but contrary to Zod’s and Moochael’s accounts, I had a LOT more to do than move the throne. The corridors don’t match up by the art wall. How the heck did that happen?

So I want the staff to work on that. But only if I can pay you. If I can’t pay you, don’t do it unless you want to. From now on you will not be required to do something I won’t pay you for, and sometimes I’ll pay in advance.

This is disappointing. The Bunko is pretty much all I do on Corbacraft. It’s frustrating to have it griefed like this. Really frustrating. I’ve been set back months because of it. 😦

I will be checking to see when Zod’s online so I can see his ship and island and stuff, though. Zod, if you’re reading this, I’m on right now.

<Hunter> Henkimin


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