More Doctor Who!

Weeping Angel!

So, anyway, yeah. Announcements now. Scroll down to keep reading. It’s not all Corbacraft. Be sure not to skim it.

I am not able to get on Corbacraft right now, but when I return the following upgrades will be installed to Bunko Henkimin.

I will create a staff hub where staff are now required to sethome. Any sethomes on Bunko Henkimin premises are to be replaced by this one. The staff hub will include a chest with specific assignments and general news about the Bunko. Connected to the hub will be the staff quarters, which staff may decorate as they wish.

A complaint box will be created so as to alert me of concerns. If a staff member is going on strike, please have him notify me in said box. This is in lieu of repeating the Griefing Party Incident when workers are disgruntled.

A council room shall be held should staff, other players or myself should wish to hold a meeting or a trial. Please keep all conversations limited to this room by using command /tell player player player player player message to start the conversation, and /r to reply. Players who are not part of Bunko Henkimin Staff must pay a modest fee of 100 to hold a meeting in the council room. I am thinking of putting a fire in it when 1.8 comes out, see instructions here.

There are other announcements, but they can wait. I am happy to announce that Urlast has activated his WP account and I will be reminding him to post something next time I see him. Also, his mom is buying his laptop off him, so he can use hers to play Minecraft! I’m glad he’s fixed that problem, because I’m moving and he won’t live next to me anymore in a month or so. 😦

Ok scroll back up now. 🙂


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