I’ve been ghost banned!


Edit: Nope, Corbacraft was just offline. I was able to get on and found that Bunko Henkimin has been cleaned up well but is not done. I attempted to pay the staff for their weekly efforts but it appears you have to be online to receive money. Must find a solution. Also, no jibes about Bunko Henkimin being a “cave”. If I hear “stone” and “Bunko Henkimin” in the same sentence you will be deducted a week’s pay. I won’t say specifically who’s been jibing, but seriously, dude, it’s just stone.


9 thoughts on “I’ve been ghost banned!

  1. You mean jailed for a week? Like Diglet?
    Or you just can’t connect to the server? Because it’s currently crashed… The server host moved and messed everything up.
    P.S. On the bright side, Ergo has free hosting for a month. 😀

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