For PaperDragon

PaperDragon, I challenge you to a duel!

On Corbacraft. As soon as the arena is fixed, we shall PVP there. Five rounds, best 3 out of 5. Only use gear that has been enchanted by you(i.e. No Sponsor swords, Death Swords, donator swords, etc.). Potions are not allowed, bows are. You can use any melee weapon, like a shovel, if you like.

May the best man win.

P.S. I just thought of this randomly, just a fun idea. 😉 A challenge.


6 thoughts on “For PaperDragon

    • Well, can you get me a fire aspect book first? it really doesn’t have any visible properties of awesome. my bow, however, is enchanted with flame i. and since when do i talk about it so much?

    • If anyone has that, I’ll pay twice as much as he does. I need to upgrade my sword to Fire Aspect 2…

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