PauSeen’s Skin— Pau’an Construction Worker!

Includes features like:

Hard hat with Phase I clone trooper Easter egg fin

Green uniform with BH logo and new BH Construction Worker logo

Orange pants

Construction boots

Utility belt

Sweg skin huh? All construction workers will have a similar uniform but with variations. for example, the next one will be a Wookiee. I will have to send you a screenshot of that one. The utility belt will be a bandolier. I hope DRADDEXX doesn’t mind not wearing pants. 😛


To see what a skin will look like, download this skin and put it in a wallpaper or something. Make sure the wallpaper is labeled 1.8.

I think I am on my last skin! am I missing anyone?





Dark Palkia


To do:

sfyoda2015 (DRADDEXX)



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