Zod’s Skin— Ortolan DJ Cook!


I think this one was particularly clever, given Ortolans’ liking for music and food as well as Zod’s signature puppet being Max Rebo.

Anyway, made this a while ago, figured I should post it.

Also, people without accounts can comment now!


6 thoughts on “Zod’s Skin— Ortolan DJ Cook!

  1. Well… It’s not very effective in 1.7… Sorry. :/
    I could make one of my own, but in the meantime, I made a different custom one with a different purpose. Enjoy!

    • In most cases you can modify your shirt to wear over your staff skin. Modifying means turning it into an overlay, erasing parts, or even adding long sleeves. For example, if your jacket is printed (as apposed to an overlay) you need to modify the shirt so it looks like you’re wearing it underneath, and then put the nametag on your jacket. I can help with putting it on and having it look good if you want. But yours is easy. Just apply it over your white shirt (like I did) and it will look like you just changed shirts.

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