Ok, so for Zod and Moochael when they get back…

Zod and Moochael can’t fix the Bunko right now, and besides Superpig they are really the only ones who can do it. Except Pauseen, who said he fixed it, so Bunko Henkimin might need fixing anymore. So they’re going to miss out on 3000 Corba credits.

So Zod, Moochael, and not ANYONE ELSE, I have two jobs for you.

Job one: The Billboard.

I want you to make a billboard near Drybones (not too near but clearly visible.) The billboard will be made out of whatever material you think looks good and on it will be the Bunko Henkimin logo in flashing redstone lamps. The logo is the one on the back of the staff shirt.

The other job is to generate enough obsidian to take out the back wall and put in a Nether portal.

Bargon u a-yuat gee three hatoo creedas. Okey okey?


18 thoughts on “Ok, so for Zod and Moochael when they get back…

  1. So you want us to make a billboard, sounds good…
    But the Nether portal could be a problem. For two reasons.
    1. A Nether portal built on Corbacraft will take you to a random portal that has already been built in the Nether, and when you go back through that one, it will take you to a random portal in the Overworld. Afterwards, you will be stuck between those two portals.
    2. Nether portal blocks will remain after the obsidian has been removed, but only on Corbacraft due to an unknown glitch. In other words, if we mess up, its there until an admin or mod breaks the portal blocks.
    Unless it’s decoration, in which case anything goes. 😀 We can even border the portal with something other than obsidian after we make it.

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