It’s Monday!

That means that your vacation is up, Staff, so it’s time to clean up! When I’m back on in two weeks, I want the throne moved, the trapdoor removed (sorry, Moochael) and the wither pit filled in. Also, the two corridors from the art wall don’t match up. How the heck did you manage that? ❓ But anyway, after this is all fixed up and stuff comes the fun part: upgrades! Yay! (Do not do these until I’m back online! 🙂 )

Rooms to add:

Party Room!

Resuraunt Bar

Gift Shop

Staff Quarters

Council Room (in case anyone needs to hold a meeting… or a trial 😈 )

My Bedroom

Actually, you can go ahead and do these rooms:

Restraunt Bar (because I don’t care what it looks like)

Staff Quarters (because they’re just rooms for staff that they customize themselves)

Be sure that before you dig the staff rooms, you fill in the unfinished dungeon. Gives you more space for rooms.

Thanks, you guys! You will recieve 4000 for your services! John, please make a note of that. 4000 for each staff member, listed by name. Including you. Thanks! 🙂

And could somebody post screenshots about the renovations Pauseen has been telling me about? Thanks!

Also, Urlast has a WP account now! You will be hearing from him soon! But probably not often…


45 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. PD sorry that I ask about the stone a lot, it’s just it’s hard for me to build when it doesn’t look that good… I know my castle looks bad ATM, but I’m fixing it up as son as I get online

  2. Can zod and I make bunko henkimin look purrrrrty pls?
    Words from panda: moo and zod r leik dem pros at da building

    Seriously though, it might be harder to make rooms, but after you make one we can make it look good, because people want to go to a BEERDERFUL building on a hill, not a giant stone one…
    Now for other shtaff:
    Why can’t we add the upgrades? I was gonna make the party room… Also I have good ideas for a gift shop…

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