Moochael’s Skin and a new stack of posts!

That’s right, we have reached the 65th post! Hooray for slot two!

What if we fill all nine slots? 😯 That would be… 276 posts! 212 to go!

You guys get my reference, right? A bunch of you play it…

Anyway, speaking of, I finished Moochael’s skin. I looked up ‘jackary’ and now I’m a bit confused as to why he chose jackary1 for his username. But I was able to get one cow element in there— introducing the totally nerdy looking bantha hat that looks like it came from a gift shop! Maybe it will when we add a gift shop… But I couldn’t give him a cow shirt or cow pants, that’s just pushing it. So, normal white shirt and jeans, unfortunately. But the shirt has a J1 logo on it. It’s an Aurebesh J, but it passes for a High Galactic capital J too.

Bantha jackary1

Enjoy your vacation, staff, then I want Bunko Henkimin put together EXACTLY as it was before. Except that you can fill in the wither pit with stone. I want to dig a new one. Also, you can take down the rule signs. One day of vacation left!

And could I get a list of all staff and their usernames and jobs from somebody? Thanks!


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