Superfolder John’s Skin— Quarren!


I finished John’s skin. It’s a Quarren since Quarrens are smart with money. (Not in the same way as Toydarians.) I really couldn’t connect much to his SF or Minecraft name, but I made him a Quarren since Tessek, Jabba’s accountant, is a Quarren. I also tried to make a jet of fire on the back, but the results were unsatisfactory in that respect. However, it does look like something that one would find on the robes of a Mon Calamari species. Also, a Bunko Henkimin Shirt is available for staff. I’ll make a special shirt for skins like DarkPalkia’s 8D8, as well as a souvenir shirt for patrons. Apply the shirt over your regular skin. Since 1.8 isn’t out yet, the staff shirt is compatible with all skins, but that will change in the update and make your skins look wierd. 😆

Staff Shirt


Made an intimidating Darth Vader, posting that soon. Enjoy your vacation, staff! When it’s over, I want Bunko Henkimin exactly as it was before the incident. But no pressure, and please assist new recruits! 🙂


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