Skin Shop!

I will be creating skins for all the Bunko Henkimin staff, and that includes anyone who applies right now!

They wil be 1.8 skins, so you can’t wear them yet. 😦

Currently the staff consists of Enderman_Zod (Enderman_Zod) Superpig437, Moochael (jackary1) and Pauseen Phasefaller (drwhosphebxoak1). DarkPalkia (TheIronPalkia) wants to apply, so if you and anyone else want to apply, go here to receive a free skin and a salary of 1000 a week!

Check out this Earthbender skin Zod made for me:


Here is the IP for the arena I battle in:

And here is the bending economy server I’m on:

And Corbacraft for anyone who does not have the IP:

If you go to BendingHeroes, try out each element and vote on this poll!

This is based on how well you do in the arena with each element. I used to be a firebender until I got my butt kicked by earthbenders. Now I’m an earthbender and I can hard put my shields up fast enough to deflect a fire attack. 😆


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