All Bunko Henkimin Staff Read This

Due to a protest which involved griefing Bunko Henkimin with offensive signs and acts of destruction/unauthorized building, I have decided to meet the demands of my staff.

You will be given a one week vacation, during which you will not work on Bunko Henkimin. After which, you shall undo all damage, recieving 3000 for your services in addition to 1000 as part of your weekly salary. After Bunko Henkimin has returned to its original state, the following upgrades shall be made:

A complaint/suggestion box will be provided. Staff members are to use it instead of hosting griefing parties. Patrons are also encouraged to use it.

Staff shall be given quarters in the downstairs area which was formerly intended to be a dungeon.

A Nether portal shall be installed behind the throne, replacing the back wall, for use of PVP. A room will be built in the Nether to be used for PVP.

All staff can report to this site to contact me if need be.

The rule signs shall be taken down and a dispenser shall be installed containing copies of a book, the contents of which include:

Rules applying to patrons.

Staff contract.

Any other useful information.

This book shall be approved by staff, and updated to more current editions. A factory room will be installed for production of copies of this book and of noxious splash potions, and any resources required to be assembled regularly.

Staff will read the contract and these terms here and accept via this link.

Thanks, you guys! No more griefing parties, OK?


34 thoughts on “All Bunko Henkimin Staff Read This

  1. We ain’t not takin’ no vacation nohow!
    But can we upgrade the building material of the Bunko to sandstone, clay, and wood? We kinda always wanted to, after all, plain stone isn’t as pretty. We’ll use silk touch to give you all the stone back…

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