So I just made it to the live doodle and submitted some ideas…

but of course Tom was getting bombarded so i was ignored for the most part, and so finally I said


Thank you Tom!

Here is the whole doodle:

Don’t forget to sign that petition!

BTW, Ortugg despawned while I was away. 😦

I guess he was never much help, really. He’d just stand there while zombies walked right in. And I always had to push him out of the way to get in. But I’m going to miss him, and I hope this won’t happen to Rancor the Wither.

Bye for the rest of the week…

Bunko Henkimin Staff, I want you to build a council room at the end of the hall with the bathrooms and the party room. Turn left at the art wall, right at the end of the hall. I want it to be big, with a U shaped table facing open-ended toward the entrance, with room to stand in the middle. I dunno, just use this for reference. i’m only basing it loosely on this.


4 thoughts on “So I just made it to the live doodle and submitted some ideas…

  1. Wait wait wait. He despawned? Iron golems don’t do that.
    On the old IP, you couldn’t keep most animals, as they would disappear every time there was a reload(though I was able to keep some chickens somehow), not counting tamed mobs, but golems would. As a result, people didn’t keep iron golems(and snow golems were disabled). But the new IP is reload-free, and that’s why Ortugg lasted so long. Either there was an animal reload, like the old days… OR someone killed him.

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