Staff Wanted!

Bunko Henkimin is almost ready… which means we need staff!

Apply at the bounties board…

Available Jobs:

Architect- Designs and builds rooms

DJ- In charge of music (Zod wants this one… “maybe”)

Cook- In charge of gathering food and preparing it

Bartender- Serves drinks

Sentry- Stands guard in watchtower

Jailor- My jail got converted into a farm, so he’s actually the animal keeper

Majordomo- Greets and announces guests, second in command, very high position

Technician- Because I’m not good with redstone…


23 thoughts on “Staff Wanted!

  1. A lot of people want to be architect! This is great! Just so you know, it’s not as fun as you think. I have to approve everything. And remember, any significant blunders will result in being “fired”… 😈

  2. I would like architect, I’m good at building. My name is drwhosphebxoak1 (Going to change it in 1.8) anyway, I can’t get to a good computer until the 25th so can you hold that spot for me? I’ll need supplies though because I have never been on Corbocraft. 🙂

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