Bunko Henkimin is Almost Complete!

Here is the bounties board so you can give me stuff.


Can anyone get me three wither skulls? I will pay them handsomely for it, even if it’s not on the board.

Swing by and check out the throne room! And if you want, put a job request in the book. The two jobs available are DJ and Cook. If you want something else, then just put Job Request. It is appreciated! Soon there will be staff at Bunko Henkimin!

This is exciting! I’m actually roofing it soon! I have the gate half finished!

Read the rules, please!

BTW, don’t pay attention to STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN. It’ not really off-limits yet. Food contributions welcome. Be sure to write it down so I know who gave what! Food is 5 per restoration according to the bounties board.

I hope to see a crowd in my throne room at some point!



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Please do not touch the override. The gate is to remain open, and Ortugg will keep out monsters.



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