Dejarik Rules!

Don’t tell me you have never been driven crazy not knowing how to play the game Chewbacca was playing with R2-D2.

Well, it’s still going to drive you crazy, because these aren’t the official rules. (You’d think they’d make some, right?)

But anyway, I made some rules and also four LEGO holomonsters. Here are the holomonsters:


And here are the rules.

First off, there are eight monsters. They have different powers.

The Kintan Strider moves four spaces and it captures by landing on the same space as an opponent.

The Mantellian Savrip also moves four but captures by jumping.

The K’lor’slug moves three and captures by landing on an opponent’s space.

Grimtaash the Molotar moves three and captures by jumping.

The Houjix and the M’onnok move two and the M’onnok captures by jumping, and the Ng’ok and the Ghhhk move one, and the Ghhhk captures by jumping.

Note that when you jump it counts as one move and not two.

Now all you have to do is draw the board or print it, and then make the monsters. It doesn’t have to be monsters, it can also be various Sith and Jedi or maybe different-colored Lego pieces.

Here’s the board! Have fun! Monsters not included.


dejarik board



Please give feedback!

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