Bunko Henkimin!

Throne room is complete! Tours are now available despite construction being far from complete, so head on over!


Here is what I see when I sit, I mean, stand on my throne.


Imagine what this will look like with a DJ and fifteen Minecrafters chatting by the bounties board!


Closer look at my art wall…


Remind you of anything?

Do not enter here or suffer my wrath!



So drop on by, take a look at the bounties board (and don’t sell me anything worth 1000 until I have enough money please! If you just drop it off with a book and quill, I will pay you.)

Need help getting there? just go to the desert warp and find Drybones Village. Then head to the acacia biome within walking distance from the graveyard.

I’ll have to post a screenshot of the bounties board so you can see what’s on it…

By the way, has anyone seen Zod lately?


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