I Need a New Horse

Yeah, do you remember this guy?


He’s gone.

Apparently I took off the lead before I disconnected. So he ran off while I was offline. So I need a new horse. If you give me one, I’ll give you a set of iron horse armor. If you happen to find the one that ran off, you get to keep the saddle and the armor it’s wearing.

Worked on Bunko Henkimin. Here’s Zod building the gate.


I’m actually rebuilding the gate, but Zod got me started, so now I have a good idea of how to build one.

Here we are at Bunko Henkimin! (This was before the gate was being built. Two people showed up for the skin shot, and one of them, BL_Freeman, wandered off before I could take his pic. ❓ So there is only one picture so far.


Forgot to press F1 first… so you can see me telling Zod to stand up straight. 😆 Also, my items, such as my bow, various blocks and Sharpfire, my sword. (Does not have Fire Aspect.) I really should have taken off my armor, too…

But at least it’s a picture.

Cheers! I WILL post origami this weekend.


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