Gate Builder Wanted

I’m working on Bunko Henkimin, which is far from finished, but right now it needs a gate and a roof so it LOOKS finished.

I can do the roof… but not the gate.

Truth is, I really don’t understand anything about redstone that isn’t basic redstone theory. That means give me a bunch of redstone repeaters and I can do about two things with them. Give me a redstone comparator and I will give you a funny look. Give me a redstone torch and I will place it there and say, “Now what?”

In other words, I can’t build a piston gate.

So can somebody do that for me? I won’t be on Corbacraft this weekend, but when i get back I’ll /trust Bunko Henkimin to anyone who can build the gate…


4 thoughts on “Gate Builder Wanted

  1. I probably could because I have one just like you’re describing at the castle. Or rather I did until the reset.

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